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Our world desperately needs to hear the truth of God’s Word

This desperation drives Callie Harbin Baptist Church’s commitment to missions. Our focus is to practically support our missionaries through prayer, financial giving, and time. Our missionary base has grown to more than thirty missionary families and agencies throughout the world.

Our missions program also strongly encourages CHBC members to serve through short-term mission trips that are available each year.

Missions @ CHBC

Underlined names in blue down below have more information about the missionary work

S. David Smith 

Edgar Asuncion
Dr. Felipe Castro
Joseph DeVera
Naim & Elvira Khoury

Noe Pulmones
Wilfred Quiruz
Ranier Rolda
Lomer Hope Dela Cruz
Sihok Soeurn
Paul Tabanao
Savouen Sorn
Sim Mien

Mike Valdez
Khoung Sothea
Kunthy Prak

Jojo Miraflor

Arnold Espino

Faye Dykes
Yohannes Getaneh
Bryon Callaway

Dr. R. G. Smith

Philip Okwana

Gary Sauer

Athletes in Action
Pete Cyprian – AWANA International
BEAMS – Bibles to Zambia
BE HAPPY – Cambodia
Power of Grace Children’s Home
Plus Others Not Listed Here

CHBC Goes to Cambodia 2018

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