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THE DNA OF THE BODY OF CHRIST, 7 Qualities as 7 Priorities... Hear it preached from Corey & Justin

7 Core Values

1. Expository preaching (2 Tim. 4:2) Here at CHBC we hold the Bible in highest regard. This is why we believe in expository preaching, which simply means to expose what God has already said in His word. We are careful not to impose our thoughts, ideas, or philosophies into the scripture.


2. Biblical Discipleship (2 Tim. 2:2) We believe that we are to pour our lives into others. We are to take what we have been taught and systematically teach others also.


3. Global Missions (Acts 1:8) Here at CHBC we believe that our God is a global God, and therefore we as the church must think globally. We are to reach out around the world and partner with believers in evangelism, church planting, and Bible training.

Exponential Reproduction (Acts 13:1-3) At CHBC, we believe that God wants to expand His kingdom. We believe that God’s desire is to multiply the church body by planting new churches with mature believers.


5. Spiritual Worship (John 4:23) We believe that we were created to be eternal worshipers of Christ. We believe that we are to daily worship Christ through prayer, His word, and music so that we may come together corporately on Sundays with one heart of worship towards Him.


6. Sacrificial Love (I John 4:7) Here at CHBC we believe we serve a God of great love and that He has designed us to express that love. We are to show our love first towards Him with all our heart and soul.We are to also show that love to our neighbors as well as brothers and sisters in Christ.


7. Christ-Like Holiness (Col. 1:27) We believe that Christ has come into our lives not just to save us from the destruction of Hell, but to live out a life of glory to God through us. We want to live in a way that is pleasing to Christ, that others may see the change that he has made in us. This is not done by rules and regulations, but by allowing Him to live through us.

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